20+ Modern Dark Bedroom Ideas for an Exciting & Stylish Feel Good Home

The Modern Dark Bedroom: While others prefer to wake up in cheerful lemon yellow rooms with bright furniture, others (including us ;)) can’t get enough of the dramatic counterpart – the bedroom in dark, rich tones. That may not have the effect of making us wake up every morning full of new energy and fresh luminosity, but it does add a fair amount of glamour and unmissable luxury.

And even though we mostly see the dark bedroom trend in luxury homes on Pinterest, it’s surprisingly easy to implement. So having your own sleeping cave in dark shades is not as far away as we all think. The most important ingredient? An inexpensive can of paint (or two) in this season’s dreamiest blues, purples, grays, or – yes – black.

From that point on, you can let your imagination and mood run wild – anything goes! If you feel like balancing out the dark tones with other gaudy, bright accents to your pillows or taking it up a notch and going for drab dark hues, it’s all up to you!

From there, you can see where the mood takes you – whether you balance out the scene-stealing hue with airy white bedding, opt for an all-dark vibe, or play up your maximalist side with lots of print, pattern, and color to take the inherent drama of such an attention-demanding hue for a ride. Contrary to what you may think, you don’t have to be overly serious when choosing one of these dramatic shades.

Is it Even Good to Have a Dark Bedroom?

The answer is simple and short: Yes, dark tones are among the best bedroom colors for deep, restful sleep.

“Contrary to what many people assume, dark colors are perfect for a bedroom,” says interior designer Lloyd.

Dark blues, rich greens, charcoal tones, and deep berry tones create a cozy and enveloping atmosphere, ideal for a restful night’s sleep.

Is it Better to Have a Dark or Light Bedroom?

“White reflects light, and black absorbs light. So if lighter colors reflect light in a room, there’s literally more going on in a light room,” he continued.

Because darker colors reflect less light, darker rooms are less active and therefore more restful.

20+ Modern Dark Bedroom Ideas

1. Try on an Accent Wall

Not ready to go all-in on gloomy blacks?

Try the trend on an accent wall like this one – you’ll get the dreamy, dark effect without the light disappearing from your space. If you change your mind, it is easier to take the wallpaper down again.

2. Play With Dark Accents

But if you’re not ready to give a wall a new shine, you can play with dark furniture and decor beforehand. That will also give you a feel for the colors in advance and whether you can imagine painting the walls as well.

Especially the bed is suitable here as a large component of your bedroom!

3. Where Are My Wood Lovers?

Wood details on the walls can be real eye-catchers. In addition, they have the huge advantage that you immediately feel ten times more comfortable in your bedroom.

4. Take It Rustic

By trending on Pinterest, I bet you thought dark bedrooms had to be ultra-glam, right?

Well, not necessarily. We fell head over heels for the rustic, yet modern look in this cool, super cozy bunk room. A pallet bed, green plants, and a rustic black wall make for the perfect feel-good space.

5. All Black

You think an all-black bedroom would make you depressed?

Well, you thought wrong.

1. For a restful, deep sleep, a dark room is ideal because there are no reflections or residual light.

2. A room completely in black can be an exciting, completely new experience that can not only bring more dynamism to your relationship but make you get up every day with elegance. 😉

6. Black Wall with White Decoration Details

7. Black & White

Black and white is the perfect option for those lazy ones who still want to sleep in a modern, stylish bedroom but don’t want to go through the hassle of design sketches, umpteen considerations, and possibly the cost of an interior design.

Another advantage is that if you ever get tired of this plain bedroom design, you have the best starting point to spice up your room in no time. All you need to do is add details like a floor lamp, an armchair, an eye-catching picture, or a cozy rug – and bam, your room will be an eye-catcher in no time.

8. Dark Carpet

If you don’t want to redo your entire floor right away, you can go for this ultra-chic and affordable option.

Not only does a rug make your home feel much more homey and cozy right away, but it’s also a super stylish accessory.

9. Modern Dark Bedroom: Dark Blue Walls

10. Dark Framed Full Body Mirror

12. Dark Framed Pictures Above the Bed

12. Gray Walls

13. Modern Dark Bedroom: Gray Bedding

14. Black Mirror Above the Bed

15. Dark Headboard of the Bed

16. Modern Dark Bedroom: White Bed Linen with Black Wall

17. Feel Like You Are on Mars

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