How to Make a Guest Room Cozy with These 5 Simple Steps

How to Make a Guest Room Cozy: Lending a helping hand and opening your home to friends and family members who need a place to stay can be a wonderful thing.

It’s an act of love that often brings joy at the moment and again later when you remember how selfless it was.

Keep in mind, however, that your guest room isn’t your personal hotel; it’s someone else’s private quarters. So if you intend to put anyone up overnight, you must create an environment that feels like home but with the amenities of a hotel.

With that in mind, here are five steps to make your guest room as cozy as possible:

How to Make a Guest Room Cozy with These 5 Simple Steps

1. Decide on a Color Scheme

It’s a choice you might not have expected to be on this list, but a color scheme can have a powerful effect on how a room is received.

If you let it, a color scheme can evoke a mood or set an expectation. For example, a red and black color scheme has associations with romance, while blue and yellow are seen as calming and serene.

If you decide to paint the walls in your guest room, ensure it’s a colour that isn’t too overwhelming.

If you have small children or pets, you might want to stick to pastels or light tones that don’t show stains. If you opt for curtains or bedding, try to choose a complementary color.

2. Add Soft Furnishings

Besides the walls and the floor, the largest pieces of furniture in your guest room will be the bed and the couch.

If you have a spare couch, that’s good enough for most guests, but if you have a bed, you’ll need to be mindful of a few features: Soft surfaces are the bed’s mattress and the pillows.

They’re the first things your guests will encounter, so they should be plush and clean-feeling.

They should also be washable if they’re not new.

Soft surfaces include throws, blankets, and other things people can move around if they want to rearrange them.

It’s not necessary to have a matching blanket set or throw pillow, but they should all be of high quality and feel good.

 3. Add Lighting & Scents

Lighting can be done in many ways. You can use lamps, table lamps, ceiling lights, and natural light from windows.

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s soft and non-intrusive.

Soft lighting is ideal for the guest room because it creates a warm, inviting atmosphere with a minimum of glaring brightness. Light scents can be done with candles, incense, or oils.

Be careful about scents, though; many people suffer from allergies or have sensitive respiratory systems.

You also have to remember that candles and incense can be dangerous if not used properly, so read the instructions carefully.

If you want to try oils, choose scents that are pleasing but not overpowering.

4. Don’t Forget the Small Touches

In addition to soft furnishings, lighting, and scents, there are some other things you should try to include in your guest room.

If there are a couple of chairs or a sofa in the room, they should be comfortable and clean. If they’re chairs, they should also be easy to move out of the way if they’re in the path of your guests.

If you have room, you might want to put a coffee table in the room that isn’t in the way but could be used for a snack or drink.

Don’t forget the power of one perfect accessory in a room.

A beautiful vase with a bouquet of flowers, an ornate picture frame, or a pottery bowl on the coffee table can vastly improve the atmosphere of a room.

Make it Easy to Wake Up & Leave

One of the challenges of having guests is that they’ll need to use your facilities. If you don’t want to risk them walking in on you in the bathroom or seeing your toilet paper with its crumpled ball sitting in a corner, you’ll need to make those rooms private.

If the guest room has a door, you can do it with a lock, but it’s often easier to simply close the door. If the room doesn’t have a door, you can create privacy with a curtain.

Fabric curtains can be closed without a rod, and they’re also easy to open or close.

How do You Make a Guest Room Feel like a Hotel Room?

There are lots of things you can do to make your guest room feel like a hotel room, but the most important thing is to have a clean, tidy room with soft, pleasant-smelling furnishings.

Beyond that, here are a few more things you can do:

  1. Have fresh, clean linens and bedding, and make sure you have extra pillows and blankets if your guests are likely to be cold. Place a neatly folded blanket or two at the foot of your bed.
  2. Have a few extra toiletries on hand if you know your guests prefer them.
  3. Have a small fridge or a mini-fridge in the room if your guests are likely to want snacks and drinks.
  4. Have your guest room smell clean and fresh.
  5. Brighten up the room with some decorative touches.

 What Should I Put in My Guest Room?

Aside from the things already mentioned, you can include anything you think will make your guests feel more comfortable and appreciated.

That could mean having items such as a small bag of coffee, a basket of snacks, and a few bottles of water on the coffee table. It could mean putting a small bouquet of flowers on the table or a picture on the wall.

If you have young children, you might include educational toys that your guests can play with.

If you have pets, be careful not to put anything in the guest room that they could chew or stain. Whatever you choose, remember to keep it clean and easily attainable.

You don’t want your guests to have to search around the room or wade through a pile of clutter to get what they need.

Keep in mind that the guest room isn’t your bedroom.

Make sure you have plenty of space in your closet and drawers for your own clothing and items. In order to keep your guest room clean and comfortable, you must put your own things away.

How Would You Make a Guest Room Cozy on a Budget?

If you’re on a tight budget and thinking about making your guest room more comfortable, these are a few things you could do:

  1. Use what you have. If you have a couch in the room, there’s no need to buy new things for the room. If there are chairs in the room, make sure they’re clean and comfortable.
  2. Use decorative touches to make the room cozier. Small items such as pictures, dishes, and figurines can be very effective in making a room pleasant.
  3. Clean the room thoroughly. This may seem obvious, but cleaning the room well can go a long way toward making it feel cozy.

What that Means for You Now

A guest room is a wonderful thing.

It’s where friends, family members, and people in need can come to stay. You can make this room as cozy as possible by adding a few things like blankets, pictures, and flowers in a vase.

When you have guests, you also need to keep the bathroom clean to make them feel comfortable.

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