7 Mid Century Modern Dining Room Ideas 2024 You Will Love

Mid Century Modern Dining Room

1. Importance of Dining Table

A mid-century modern dining room starts with the perfect dining table. Whether you choose a round or rectangular table, make sure it complements your overall design theme and fits comfortably in your space. Opt for a white marble tulip table designed by Eero Saarinen for a classic choice that harmonizes well with contemporary interiors.

2. Choosing the Right Chairs

Select chairs that embody clean lines and functionality to match your mid-century modern table. Look for simple, stylish furniture made from materials like wood or upholstered fabric. The key here is to find chairs that not only provide comfort but also enhance the aesthetic of your dining space.

3. The Role of Credenzas

Incorporate a mid-century modern credenza to provide additional storage for your dining essentials. Credenzas typically feature sleek designs with ample drawers, shelves, or sliding doors. It lets you keep your dining room neat while adding a stylish touch to the space.

4. Selecting the Perfect Chandelier

A chandelier is a significant part of your dining room’s ambiance. Choose one with a futuristic or retro-inspired design that complements your mid-century modern theme. Opt for linear or globe-shaped chandeliers that showcase clean lines and geometric forms.

5. Wallpaper and Pictures for Decor

Enhance your mid-century modern dining room further with suitable wallpapers or pictures. Go for patterns with clean lines or geometric shapes that echo the era’s style. Select artwork that complements your furniture and color palette to create a cohesive and timeless look for your dining area.

6. Key Furniture Pieces to Consider

When designing a mid-century modern dining room, selecting the right furniture is crucial. First, consider a dining table with splayed legs and a light, airy design. Mid-century modern dining tables embrace clean lines and functionality, making them a perfect choice for the centerpiece of your dining room.

For seating, explore unique options like wishbone chairs or side chairs with slim wood profiles and tapered legs. These dining chairs often feature leather upholstery, adding a touch of elegance to the space. Pair these chairs with a matching bench or a banquette for a cozy corner seating arrangement.

Visit online furniture stores for a variety of mid-century modern dining room furniture, and you’ll be well on your way to achieving your home design vision. Remember to keep it simple and functional while incorporating those distinct mid-century elements.

7. Decor Ideas for Mid Century Modern Dining Room

Choosing the right color scheme is crucial for creating a mid-century modern dining room. Opt for muted tones like beige, gray, or pastels to emphasize clean lines and simple designs. Add pops of color with accessories like seat cushions or table runners.

Consider a gallery wall to showcase your favorite artwork or vintage posters. This can add both visual interest and a personal touch to your space. If your dining room has enough space, a wet bar can be a great addition for entertaining guests, and it fits well with the mid-century aesthetic.

For lighting, choose pendants or globe pendant lights that have a mid-century vibe and provide ambient, warm lighting. Combining these elements will help you create a stylish and functional mid-century modern dining room that you and your guests will love.

Where to Buy Mid Century Modern Dining Room Furniture

Houzz offers a variety of mid-century modern dining room sets for your home. You can find solid wood 3-piece dining sets, such as the Yumiko Side Chairs by RattanUSA, starting at around $260. They also feature kitchen square tables and 2-chair sets with padded seats in medium brown, available on sale for $235.

Check out Wayfair for more mid-century modern dining tables, including their Oscar dining room collection fit for any space. Ashley also displays a range of mid-century dining sets, like the Isanti Dining Table, starting at $1,429.99.

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