8 Parisian Interior Design Ideas 2024 You Will Love

If you’re looking for inspiration to decorate your home, Parisian style interior design is a great place to start. Paris is known for its sophisticated and elegant style, and this extends to the way Parisians decorate their homes. From the classic Haussmannian apartments to the more modern spaces, Parisian style interior design is all about creating a stylish and comfortable living space.

What is Parisian Interior Design?

Parisian style interior design is characterized by its effortless elegance, eclectic mix of styles, and attention to detail. The style is inspired by the city of Paris, which is known for its fashion, art, and architecture. Parisian style interior design is all about creating an atmosphere that is both inviting and sophisticated.

One of the key features of Parisian style interior design is the use of high-quality materials. Parisians are known for their love of luxury, and this is reflected in their interior design. From marble countertops to velvet sofas, Parisian interiors are all about using materials that are both beautiful and durable.

Another important aspect of Parisian style interior design is the use of color. Parisian interiors typically feature a neutral color palette with pops of color throughout the space. This creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for unwinding after a long day.

When it comes to furniture, Parisian style interior design is all about mixing and matching different styles. From antique pieces to modern furniture, Parisian interiors are all about creating a unique and eclectic look. The key is to choose pieces that are both comfortable and stylish.

Key Elements of Parisian style Interior Design

Parisian Interior Design

Parisian Style Bedroom

The Parisian style bedroom is all about creating a romantic, luxurious atmosphere. To achieve this look, start with a neutral color palette of soft whites, creams, and grays. Add a touch of glamour with gold or silver accents, such as a gilded mirror or a crystal chandelier.

When it comes to furniture, opt for pieces with curved lines and ornate details. A tufted headboard, a vintage vanity, or a Louis XVI-style armchair can add just the right amount of French flair. Don’t forget to layer on the textiles, such as plush rugs, silky curtains, and plenty of pillows and throws.

Parisian Interiors

Parisian interiors are known for their grandeur and opulence. From the Haussmannian apartments of the 19th century to the chic modern apartments of today, Parisian interiors are all about mixing the old and the new.

One of the key elements of Parisian style interior design is the use of architectural details, such as crown moldings, ceiling medallions, and intricate paneling. These details add depth and texture to a space and can help create a sense of history and character.

Another important aspect of Parisian interiors is the use of art and decorative objects. Whether it’s a classic oil painting, a sculptural vase, or a quirky objet d’art, these pieces add personality and interest to a room. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles and periods to create a truly eclectic look.

Decorating Tips for a Parisian Style Bedroom

If you’re looking to add some Parisian flair to your bedroom, there are a few key elements to keep in mind. From bedding to lighting, here are some decorating tips to help you create a chic and sophisticated Parisian-style bedroom.

Parisian Style Decor

Parisian style decor is all about understated elegance and a minimalist approach to French country or French decor. Neutral colors, such as white, beige, and gray, dominate the palette, with small touches of muted colors to add interest. To create a perfect Parisian-inspired bedroom, you’ll need to dress your bed with neutral bedding. In winter, prefer flannel sheets, and in summer, you can opt for linen or cotton percale sheets. Egyptian quality cotton is an excellent option as well.

To add some Parisian charm to your bedroom, consider installing picture frame molding on your walls. This quintessential Parisian apartment look is sure to bring some sophistication to your space. You can also add some texture and interest with a plush area rug or a cozy throw blanket.

How to Decorate Like a Parisian

When it comes to lighting, Parisian style decor favors natural light and soft, ambient lighting. You can achieve this by installing sheer curtains that let in plenty of natural light during the day. At night, you can create a cozy atmosphere with a table lamp or a chandelier with a dimmer switch.

Another way to decorate like a Parisian is to focus on the details. Small touches, such as a vase of fresh flowers or a vintage mirror, can make a big impact in a Parisian-style bedroom. You can also add some charm with a decorative pillow or a stylish bedside table.

Creating a Parisian Style Interior

Parisian Interior Design

Are you looking to bring the charm of Parisian style interior design into your home? With a few key elements, you can create a space that is both elegant and inviting. Let’s explore how to create a Parisian style interior.

Parisian Style Room

One of the hallmarks of Parisian style interior design is the use of classic and timeless pieces. Think of antique furnishings, ornate moldings, and rich fabrics. To create a Parisian style room, start with a neutral color palette of whites, creams, and grays. This will serve as a backdrop for your more decorative elements.

When it comes to furnishings, opt for pieces with a vintage feel. A tufted sofa or an ornate armchair can add a touch of elegance to your space. Look for pieces with curved lines and intricate details. A vintage chandelier or a gilded mirror can also help to create a Parisian vibe.

In terms of textiles, choose luxurious fabrics like velvet, silk, and linen. These materials will add texture and depth to your space. Consider incorporating patterned fabrics like toile or damask for a touch of French country style.

To complete the look, add decorative elements like artwork, candles, and fresh flowers. A Parisian style room should feel warm and inviting, so don’t be afraid to add personal touches that reflect your own taste and style.

8 Tips for Parisian Style Interior Design to Capture The Parisian Charm

1. Stay away from Dark Colors & Embrace Beige/White

 beige and white living room
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Dark colors are amazing if you’re trying to create a more mysterious or moody interior, but if you’re aiming for a Parisian vibe, you might want to stay away from them.

If you look around Paris you’ll notice that there are not a lot of dark colors in sight.

The beauty of Paris is that it’s full of light and therefore it’s best to embrace the light and neutral colors when decorating your home in a Parisian style.

If you want to go even further and capture the Parisian vibe as accurately as possible, you should also avoid black, brown and navy blue.

These colors may be classic and elegant, but they are much too serious for a Parisian style interior design.

Instead, you should go for bright and light beiges and whites, combined with the occasional hint of gold or copper. You can also go for soft pastels if you want to have a more feminine Parisian home.

2. Hang up Your Favourite Artworks

 Artworks in a parisian style interior design living room
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If you’re a fan of art, you know how beautiful a well-decorated wall can look.

But if you are also a fan of the French charm, you know that it’s not enough to just hang up your favorite artworks – you need to do it in a Parisian way.

If you’re inspired by French art and architecture, you should go for a lot of black and white framed portraits along with nudes, landscapes, and still lives.

If you are more inspired by surrealism, you should go for paintings with strong colors and surrealistic imagery.

You should also keep in mind that French artworks are usually on the smaller side, so you should also consider the size of your wall when choosing your framed artworks.

3. Add a Touch of Gold to Your Home

 Gold Touch in a parisian style living room
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If you’re going for a Parisian look, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll end up adding gold to your décor.

The French are known for their love of gold, and it’s not uncommon to find precious metals in the most unexpected places.

From the handles of antique furniture to the flowers on your table, you will definitely find a place for gold.

If you want to add a touch of gold to your interior, you should start with the obvious: tableware, decorative pieces, and anything that you eat/drink from every day.

You should also go for gold-colored wallpapers and fabrics, especially if you have a wooden floor.

If you want to add a touch of gold to your home, you don’t have to go overboard and paint the walls gold – a picture frame, a throw, a decorative bowl, and other small items can also do the trick.

4. Bring in Softness Through Neutrals

 soft neutral living area
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Even though Paris is all about color, it is also very much about softness and elegance.

If you want to capture the Parisian charm in your home, you should definitely add some softness through neutral colors, fabrics, and wallpapers.

Although Paris is known for its love of gold, it’s also very much about mixing and matching different materials and textures.

The French love to pair hard materials like wood with soft fabrics like silk, and they also love to mix gold with silver.

If you want to mix and match different textures, you should go for light and neutral tones like creamy whites, beige, ecru, and light grays.

5. Less is More (Keep it as Minimalistic as Possible)

If you’re going for a more classic and elegant French look, you should definitely go for a more minimalistic interior.

Paris, as beautiful as it is, is also very much about simplicity and minimalism.

If you’re trying to create a Parisian look in your home, you should definitely do away with unnecessary elements.

You can also go for monochromatic color schemes and only mix a few textures and materials.

You should also consider going for a more minimalistic and clean décor, getting rid of clutter, removing heavy curtains, and going for lighter upholstery.

6. Don’t Forget the Flowers

 white flowers on a couch
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If you have decided to go for a Parisian interior, you should definitely not forget to add flowers.

They are an essential part of French culture, and every Parisian home has them – either in vases or growing in pots.

Parisians love to mix different flower types, and there is one variety that you will find in almost every home: the tulip.

Tulips are a very Parisian flower, and they are a must-have if you want to create a Parisian vibe in your home. You can go for single or mixed varieties, either in pots or vases.

You can also go for other French flower types, like roses and lilies, but you should definitely include tulips in your bouquets.

7. Choose Marble or Wood for Your Floors

If you want your home to look as Parisian as possible, you should definitely choose marble or wood for your floors.

The French don’t really have a specific style when it comes to their flooring, but wood and marble are the materials that you will most likely find in French homes.

Wood is a very versatile material, and it can look amazing in a variety of interior styles. It’s often used to create a more rustic and homey vibe, and it works best when paired with neutral colors like gray, beige, and cream.

Marble is another versatile material that can work well in Parisian-inspired interiors. It’s usually paired with gold and silver, and it is also common to find it in combination with wood.

8. Use Aesthetic Books as Decoration

 decorative books
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Books are beautiful. If you have a lot of books in your home, you might want to consider replacing them with decorative books.

You can find decorative books in any bookstore, and they are amazing when used as decoration. You can also go for vintage books or even books written in other languages if you want to create a Parisian vibe in your home.

Decorative books are great for almost any type of interior style, but they are especially useful if you want to create a Parisian look in your home.

You can use them to decorate your coffee table, shelves, and other display surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Parisian style interior design?

A timeless and sophisticated aesthetic that combines classic and modern elements to create a chic and elegant space.

How can I achieve a Parisian aesthetic in my home?

Incorporate classic elements, use a neutral color palette, mix patterns and textures, invest in quality materials, and display art and decor that reflects your personal style and interests.

What are some key elements of Parisian style interior design?

Neutral color palette, luxurious materials, ornate moldings, antique furnishings, mix of classic and modern styles, natural light, large windows, high ceilings, cozy textiles, plush seating, and plenty of greenery.

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